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New Lifts.

We offer a range of lift packages in both hydraulic and traction solutions from 2 to 17 stops with speeds of up to 2 metres per second for those high rise projects.


Traction Lift:


Hydraulic Lift

  • Ideal for increased travel of 4 or more levels.
  • All machinery is completely contained with lift shaft
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Wide range of finishes available
  • Complies with DDA, EN81 Regulations.
  Traction Lift  
  • All machinery is completely contained within lift shaft
  • More cost effective than a traction lift
  • Reduced headroom and pit options
  • Wide range of finishes available
  • Complies with DDA, EN81 Regulations
Hydraulic Lift  

Goods/Passenger Lifts


Home Lifts

  • Robust and Durable Car Design
  • Door sills designed for fork lift truck loading
  • Stable during loading
  Goods Lifts  
  • Ideal for aged, disabled or physically challenged people.
  • Can be easily installed in both commercial and residential properties.
  • Wide range of finishes to suit all tastes.
Home Lift  

Platform Lifts


Stair Lifts



  • To overcome the obstacles to the disabled to access buildings.
  • The user is allowed to control the lift without any assistance
  • Vertical
  • Inclined
  • 200 Kg
  • Manual folding platform
  • Water proof (waterproof electrics, galvanized structural part and polyester paint)
  • Entrances at 180º or 90º, depending on available space
  Platform Lifts  


  • Stairlifts are the most cost effective and practical solution to retaining the freedom of your own home.
  • Can be fitted to a straight stair case or even around a curved stair case.

Service Lifts



  • Vertical transport of medium loads for the industry and services sectors
  • 200 - 500 Kg
  • Self Supporting Structure
  Service Lift